Our First Lady Sister Joyce Esteves

Joy begins with an open mind and caring heart and God has so molded Joyce Esteves. She was born and reared in Compton, California. After finishing High School, Joyce became a legal secretary and excelled in her chosen profession, developing learning skills that would assist her in laying the foundation, along with her husband Pastor Chris Esteves, in establishing Lifeway Church Ministries.

As Lifeway’s first lady, Sister Joyce’s ministry is very dynamic and versatile; from conference and seminar speaker, to that of church counselor when life’s challenges become overwhelming and guidance is sought.

She has a mother’s heart to love her spiritual children and assist them to wholeness through her example. It is her desire that everyone fulfill their destiny and adhere to God’s ordained call in their lives.

She has the faith to believe that the dead can rise, the lame can walk and the broken heart can be mended. She is a profound woman with the heart of her Father. Above all that she has done, it is to love “unconditionally” as God has commanded us to do. The warmth of her smile and the sound of her laughter bring joy where despair and hopelessness lingered.

Complete freedom from the cares and bondage of life is Sister Joyce’s vision. She believes that we can live a life that is eternalized from heaven to earth and that we may experience God’s Goodness, God’s Power and God’s Glory while we are yet here on earth.

She exemplifies the ultimate example of being a wife and helpmate to her husband, the Senior Pastor of LWC Ministries Chris A. Esteves, PH.D. They have shared their lives for over 30 years and through their union came Christen, Jenae and Ashlee. The brightest stars and newest additions to their family are their grandchildren, Brooklyn and Hayden.

Being with family is the lifeline for First Lady Joyce; a winning Lakers game; some gospel music that moves her soul; informative and inspiring radio; keeping physically fit and a bit of humor are just some of the ways Joyce enjoys the life that God has given her.

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