welcomeWe are Lifeway Church… Welcome!

We are so glad to have you visit our new website. If you are ready to answer the call in your life, or find out what it is… you’ve come to the right place. 

Are you tired of religion? Good. So are we!

We are a church that is here to teach you about relationships. Real relationships, not just with one another, but aboutthe most important relationship you will ever have in your life, with Jesus Christ!

We are genuine people, who have genuine problems just like everybody else, so we are not here to jugde, but to help! We seek solutions from a biblical perspective. And please note, God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things! So, don’t count yourself out!

Warning… the knowledge you will receive will be detrimental to your ignorance; inspiring to your intelligence; and life changing.

So look out and get ready for an experience out of this world, and into the next one. Come learn what it means not just to exist, but to live!

Committed to building strong individuals, families, and relationships!

Lifeway Church!

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